was created with the purpose of connecting organizations or individuals who need photography with photographers.  Whether it's a wedding, event, executive portraits, product photography or family portraits, our goal is to have a network of photographers from around the world who can respond to the needs of those who need photography.

How does it work? If you're an individual or organization who needs photography, please follow the link that reads "Need a Photographer?", fill out the submit form, and include as much detail as possible about the project.  We will then distribute the information, via e-mail, to the list of photographers who have signed up for the free e-mail service (photographers: sign up at "Are You A Photographer?").  Photographers will then respond to those projects that best match their talents. intends to work only as the middle man.

During the initial phase, we foresee only sending out e-mails as projects come in.  In the future, we hope to send out e-mails once-a-week, maybe even once-a-day. 

Please feel free to contact us, or follow us on Twitter, at the "Follow/Contact Us" link if you have any questions.